Pool Table Movers

pool table movers
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Pool table movers and installers can help you move your pool table from one location to another. You can hire them by the day or by the week depending on the number of pool tables you have, the location you want the pool table moved to, and the speed at which you need the pool table moved. The pool table movers and installers that you hire should be experienced in pool table moving and installation. They should be able to estimate the costs for your move in advance and give you an estimate for the price of their work. If they are unable to perform the move you require promptly and professionally, you should fire them and look for someone else.


The price will vary depending on the type of pool table you own, the distance the moving company needs to move it, how many pockets it has to pack and secure, and the type and make of the pool table. Many factors can influence the total moving cost. The size of the pool table, the make and model of the pool table, the distance it has to be moved, how many ramps and stairs the moving company has to use to move it, the brand and condition of the pool table, and the time duration for which you plan to have the pool table moved to another location.


Your pool table movers and installers should be able to disassemble the pool table apart without assistance and should be able to lift and place the pool table apart without the assistance of cranes or other heavy machines. They should disassemble the pool table apart without allowing you to access the springs. They should also be able to lift the table apart and place it somewhere safe while the moving process is in progress. They should then put the pool table back together in the same manner that they placed it apart.

When disassembling your pool table movers and installers will need to disassemble your pool table apart and place it inside a vehicle. They will then have to transport the tables in an enclosed, mechanically operated vehicle. The vehicles used to move your tables must be well maintained. You should be aware of the fact that some moving companies will move your tables by manual power or by very heavy equipment.

pool table movers


When the pool table movers and installers get to your home they will remove all the cushions, the trolleys, the removable parts, and the two-piece slate. They should leave the two-piece slate alone so that you do not have to worry about them breaking during the move. Your pool tables will then need to be transported onboard the trucks that are being used by the pool table movers and installers. The billiard services will generally put the pool tables in one of the transport trucks and drive them to the destination. Billiard services should then remove the pool tables from the trucks and store them at a secure location until the movers and billiard services get back to work.

When the billiard services return the pool table movers will remove the cushions, trolleys, the two-piece slate, and the springs. The movers will then unhook the screws and unhook the bolts and secure everything together. The billiard service will then reassemble the pool table in the same manner as they put it together.

There are many different types of pool table rails and each type will have its own unique set of features and benefits. The two-piece slate type rails will be made up of the two pieces of slate attached with a plastic bag. The rails will feature a slot to place the pool balls into and a lip to keep the pool ball in its place. The plastic bag will be used to cushion the pool ball as it is being shot over the rails. There are times when the ball may hit the pocket and the cushioning pocket may tear or the pool ball may escape through the slots in the rails.

Some of the other rails that are available include single-pocket, double-pocket, triple-pocket, and four-pocket rails. Each of these types will have its own unique set of features and benefits. When the pool table and the rails are disassembled and placed back together the pool table movers will reinstall all of the pockets and slates on the rails. Pool tables that are constructed from solid plastic will sometimes have small pockets under the plastic bag that will have to be reinstalled onto the rails after the plastic bag is removed. This process can be quite tricky and requires the attention of a pool table technician to ensure everything is reinstalled correctly. Other times the pocket may be visible and may need to be concealed by using the plastic bag.

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