• How Not To Be Scammed By Melbourne Removalist Movers

    By addone , 12 September 2017

    Moving scams are quite common and it happens to a lot of people. This is why you must know how to avoid these scams.  You should also understand the signs if any company is trying to trick you.

    Many people have explained that they were scammed by a moving company and all their possessions were stolen. Some companies scam in different ways like they change their delivery time without giving any prior notice or they store the items at extra charges and then demand more money for delivery. In some cases the vans are too small for loading the goods.

    Many companies give damage to the good but the loss of possession is worse than damage to goods.

    How Not To Get Scammed By The Movers

    Do Some Research

    You can read the reviews on the websites of the Melbourne removalist movers. Now the internet has made it very simple to check if the company is trusted or not with the help of online reviews. The reviews are the opinions of the other people.

    Take the recommendations from the friends and family who have taken the service from any removalist and were happy with them.

    Check whether the moving company is registered and so they meet certain standards for protecting consumers.

    Ask All Important Right Questions

    For your peace of mind you must not leave any question unasked.

    Ask them about the relocation process

    Total cost of the move

    What is included in the total cost?

    Do they charge on the hourly basis or charge a flat rate?

    The vehicles

    How long will the moving process take?

    In case of any delays are there any additional charges for storage?

    The professional movers can answer these questions in a professional manner but the scammers feel hard to answer these questions.

    Take The Quotation

    Always take the written quote from them. The quote should be itemized and the removalist Melbourne can justify every charge. Make everything clear before you agree upon the charges.  Usually the reputable companies provide a written quote but if a company is providing a quote on phone then you should be careful because they may charge you extra money without giving you any notice.

    Have A Clear Contract

    The contract should clearly explain the services, the addresses for pick-up and delivery and the date and time of the move, the insurance for the damage or loss of inventory.

    Signs of the possible scams

    The important signs of the possible scams include

    Low price

    The quality is directly proportional to the cost. If a company is claiming to offer high quality service in a very low price, it is a sign that it may scam you.

    Give quote on phone

    If the company only provides quote on phone and does not involve in any paper work, it is an alarming signal for you and you should consider choosing any other company.

    If you find any such company, you should report that unethical company.