• What You Need To Ask The Removalists Before Choosing Any?

    By addone , 29 August 2017

    There are many important questions that you need to ask before choosing any removalist company. Many people have very bad experience of the removalists Melbourne. It is therefore very necessary that you ask some questions in order to gather important information so that you can trust any company.

    The following is some basic and important information that you have to ask your removal company so that you don’t come across any problem.

    Pre Move Questions

    You should ask the Melbourne movers company to send one of his team member or professional to come and visit your place to get the idea of your possessions. You should talk to him and tell him about your requirements. The removalist must not charge for this visit.

    Ask them if they are also offering the packing service. You should also tell them that you need packing service when you are discussing your requirements with them so that they would give the suitable time in packing your possessions.

    You should also ask them if they also provide some storage. And if they don’t provide, you should ask them if they can recommend you the place from where you can get the storage.

    These are the additional services that you should ask your mover before making the final deal with them. These services are then included in the quote.


    Inquiring about the equipment is the most important thing. You must ask about the vans, lorries and other vehicles that they will provide. Also ask them about their size. Make sure they are not providing the small vans because then they will need to load and unload several times and you will have to wait for them. Ask them if they have a large pantechnicon because it is appropriate to use.

    Packing boxes are very necessary for packing. The removal companies provide the packing boxes but you should ask them how many boxes they will provide in advance. Some companies don’t provide these boxes so you have to ask them if the boxes are included in this service.

    The moving company must also have good moving equipment.


    A very important question to ask from your moving company is about staff. You should ask them if their staff is trained and from where they got this training? Check if the staff members wear uniforms. Check if there are casual workers. These workers are not reliable because they don’t take the responsibility seriously and don’t worry about your items too.


    Ask them to provide you the details of the insurance.  You should not supplement this in case of the valuable items that are not insured for the move. You should also check the operator’s license of their vehicles.

    These are the important questions that you should ask the moving company in order to choose the most trusted one. When you have chosen a reliable moving firm, make sure you do all the paperwork very carefully.  When everything is done carefully, be ready to move into your new home.